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Music by Upperground Orchestra, Sandro Perri, Lungbutter, Girl Band, Pharmakon, Black To Comm, Low, Messy, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Shigeto and Marie Davidson.

01. Upperground Orchestra. Barene. 7:55. Album: Euganea. Label: Morphine Records.

02. Sandro Perri. Futureactive Kid (part 1 & 2). 5:20. Album: Impossible Spaces. Label: Constellation.

03. Lungbutter. Veneer. 5:29. Album: Honey. Label: Constellation.

04. Girl Band. Laggard. 5:56. Album: The Talkies. Label: Rough Trade Records.

05. Pharmakon. Somatic. 4:25. Album: Contact. Label: Sacred Bones Records.

06. Black To Comm. Licking The Fig Tree. 4:45. Album: Seven Horses for Seven Kings. Label: Thrill Jockey.

07. Low. Poor Sucker. 3:35. Album: Double Negative. Label: Sub Pop.

08. Messy Goes Insane. Lemonacid. 3:31. Album: 4 in 1 volume 3. Label: EE Tapes.

09. Girl Band. Prefab Castle. 7:38. Album: The Talkies. Label: Rough Trade Records.

10. Marie Davidson. Burn Me. 5:15. Album: Working Class Woman. Label: Ninja Tune.

11. Shigeto. Detroit Part II. 7:30. Album: The New Monday. Label: Ghostly International.

12. Salami Rose Joe Louis. Heads Turn To Paintings. 1:10. Album: Zdenka 2080. Label: Brainfeeder.

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