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Panorama De Leeuw

Thea Derks follows the musical trail of Reinbert de Leeuw based on her biography “Reinbert de Leeuw, mens of melodie” (“Reinbert de Leeuw, man or melody”).
Panorama de Leeuw XVII: Administrative low.

Last time, a full version of the cycle Canto General  that Peter Schat composed in 1973 was aired. In this he was already looking for more intelligibility while Louis Andriessen, on the other hand, developed a much more radical style in that same period. His international breakthrough occured in 1976, with his pounding composition De Staat, which was at the basis of the so-called The Hague School.
At the premiere, Lucas Vis conducts the Netherlands Wind Ensemble with Reinbert de Leeuw at the piano. Not long after that, the latter succeeded Mr. Andriessen as board member of publishing house Donemus, on behalf of the employees, who are concerned because the head of documentation, Nico Schuyt, holds a fulltime appointment but only works halftime. The majority of the board wants to start paying him only for the hours worked. Although Reinbert de Leeuw has been appointed as representative of the employees, he sides with Mr Schuyt and together they turn against fellow board member Robert Heppener, who supports the decision on behalf of Geneco.
The fight knows only losers: Mr Schuyt acrimoniously takes early retirement, due to stress Mr Heppener can’t write another note, and Reinbert is discharged from office by the employees. The Schuyt issue signifies an administrative low for him.
1. Louis Andriessen. De Staat.
Netherlands Wind Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis.
2. Nico Schuyt. From Quatuor de ballet: finale.
David Scott, trumpet. Pastiche Ensemble.
3. Robert Heppener.
Four Songs on Poems by Ezra Pound.
Susan Narucki, soprano. Sepp Grotenhuis, piano. 

Contents by: Thea Derks. Host: Thea Derks
Recording technique: Ger van den Beuken 
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