mon 12 jan 2009 18:00 
Genre: Pop

Bene Gesserit / Anat Ben-David / Monika Barchen.
Bene Gesserit is a Walloon duo. B. Ghola and Benedict G. presented themselves in the early 80s as a Swiss band and released their first single in 1982 called “Kidnapping”.
In the meantime many albums have been released in over fifteen countries. Their latest album was released not so long ago with the label Jardin Au Fou. “Les Fleurs Du Bal” is dedicated to Charles Baudelaire.
Anat Ben-David is an Israeli performance artist. With her music she moves between electro, punk, experimental electronic and avant-garde kitsch. Her voice is direct and casual. Her appearance is childish and confronting. In 2008 her solo CD “Virtual Leisure” was released with the label Chicks On Speed.
“Monika Barchen” is a compilation CD composed in light of the 10-year anniversary of the label Monika Enterprise. Label boss Gudrun Gut has asked her artists to release special material for this anniversary publication with the subtitle “Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom”.

1. The Fountain. Bene Gesserit.
2. I See A Soul. Mico.
3. Virtual Leisure. Anat Ben-David.
4. The End Of The Day. Bene Gesserit.
5. Locke Pistole Kreuz. Michaela Melian.
6. The Mask. Bene Gesserit.
7. Streicheln. Milenasong.
8. Le Vin Des Amants. Bene Gesserit.
9. Sticky Images. Lile.
10. L’Horloge. Bene Gesserit.
11. Sweden. Dorit Chrysler.
12. Dyke Rider Man. Anat Ben-David.
13. Willkommen. Quarks.
14. Spleen. Bene Gesserit.
15. Monika In Polen.  Gudrun Gut.
16. Beg London. Anat Ben-David.
17. Hair. Bene Gesserit.