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Een musical serial. Epidode 23: Malkauns

An episode in two parts. The first part blends works by Else Marie Pade, Jan Boerman and Pink Floyd. The second part consists mostly of raag Malkauns, performed by pandit Ashok Pathak on the Surbahar, a marvelously sounding instrument best described as a bass sitar. Raag Malkauns is a raga for the late night, said to be composed to sooth Shiva. It belongs the Bhairavi thaat.


00:25 Else Marie Pade – Illustrationer: Havkongens Slot
06:00 Else Marie Pade – Glasperlespil II
12:23 Jan Boerman – Kompositie 1972 (deel 1) /
Else Marie Pade – Illustrationer: Kong Vinter /
Pink Floyd – Sysyphus part III & IV
22:17 Rocókon – Nieuwe Grond /
Jan Boerman – Kompositie 1972 (deel 2)
27:45 Stephan Micus – Golden Ginkgo Tree
33:04 Ashok Pathak – Raga Malkauns
51:50 Else Marie Pade – Glasperlespil II /
Jan Boerman – Kompositie 1972 /
Else Marie Pade – Illustrationer: Kong Vinter /
Rocókon – Nieuwe Grond


Electronic Works 1958-1995, important records IMPREC406, 2014
The Complete Tape Music of, Composers’ voice CV NEAR 4-5-6-7-8, 2005
Ummagumma, EMI C188-04 222/23, 1969
Kom, eigen beheer, 2014
As Bold As Light, ECM, 2010
Ancient Court Raga Traditions, World Arbiter, 2003


Sensenta is a programme about long attention spans. Every episode slowly changes hue, and every next episode picks up where the last one left off. This a creates a musical serial, a chain of episodes, touching on different genres at it goes. You’re welcome to join in and give us your opinion. Where should this chain go next? Send us an e-mail at, or find Sensenta on social media.

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