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A musical serial. Episode 141: Tenebrae Facte Sunt

An episode revolving around Tenebrae Facte Sunt by Gesualdo, from the Tenebrae Responsoria. From jazz through Early Music and onwards.

0. Sensenta Intro #1
1. Shai Maestro – My Second Childhood
2. Anouar Brahem – On The Road
3. Anouar Brahem – Persepolis’ Mirage
4. Shai Maestro – The Forgotten Village
5. Shai Maestro – My Second Childhood
6. Guillaume de Machaut – Doulz Amis
(Jeremy Denk: Piano)
7. Johannes Ockeghem – Kyrie uit Missa Prolationum
(Jeremy Denk: Piano)
8. Carlo Gesualdo: Moro Lasso
(Dudok Kwartet)
9. Carlo Gesualdo: Tenebrae Facte Sunt
(Nordic Voices)
10. Alfred Schnittke – Concert voor koor II
11. Anouar Brahem – Nouvelle Vague
12. Anouar Brahem – Leila au pays de carroussel, var


Shai Maestro: The Dream Thief, 2018, ECM
Anouar Brahem: Souvenance, 2014, ECM
Anouar Brahem: Blue Maqams, 2017, ECM
Jeremy Denk: c.1300-c.2000, 2019. Nonesuch
Dudok Kwartet: Solitude, 2018, Resonus Classics
Nordic Voices: Lamentations, 2009, Chaconne
Anouar Brahem: Le Pas du Chat Noir, 2002, ECM


Sensenta is a programme about long attention spans. Every episode slowly changes hue, and every next episode picks up where the last one left off. This creates a musical serial, a chain of episodes, touching on different genres at it goes. You’re welcome to join in and give us your opinion. Where should this chain go next?


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