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The Night: Contemporary Music

thu 10 oct 2019 02:00 hour

Contemporary Music Night #45 – Wandelweiser # 23.
The Forty Fifth two-weekly Contemporary Music Night on Concertzender with tonight Episode Twenty-three of an about Thirty episode series with all the published records of the Edition Wandelweiser label in chronological order from 1996 till now.

   Mark Hannesson

1. Mark Hannesson. The angels game (2016). 48:36
Roger Admiral: piano.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1612
   Luk Martin

2. Luk Martin. So softly that it came, a wild dim chatter, meaningless (2016). 72:05
Ryan Gaston: laptop. Amy Golden: voice. Ben Levinson: double bass. Davy Summer: percussion.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1613
   Burkhard Schlothauer

3. Burkhard Schlothauer. Events in 5 Parts (1996-2016) I.-V. 60:00
4. Burkhard Schlothauer. Events 2 Flute and Stone Harp (2016) #1-#5. 60:04
Antoine Beuger: flute. Christoph Nicolaus: stone harp.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1701-02

5. Michael Pisaro. Sometimes (Harmony Series no. 1)(2013) I.-III. 53:50
Collectivo maDam.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1703


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