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The Night: Contemporary Music

Contemporary Music Night #81 – Wandelweiser # 33.
The Eightiefirst two-weekly Contemporary Music Night on Concertzender with tonight Episode Thirty-Four, the last of a long series with all the published records of the Edition Wandelweiser label in chronological order from 1996 till now.

   Yannick Guédon

1. Yannick Guédon. L’Insistance des Possibles (2016). 46:07
Yannick Guédon: voice. Deborah Walker: violoncello. CyprienBusolini: viola..
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 2004
   Florian Wittenburg

Beyond the Traceries.
2. Florian Wittenburg. Beyond the Traceries. 6:08
3. Florian Wittenburg. Moving Thirds (take 1). 3:31
4. Florian Wittenburg. Noise Bowls (part 1). 5:02
5. Florian Wittenburg. Of Exile. 6:12
6. Florian Wittenburg. Moving Thirds (take 2). 3:29
7. Florian Wittenburg. Noise Bowls (part 2). 5:01
Florian Wittenburg: electro-acoustic music.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 2005
 Ian Power

8. Ian Power. Mahrem Bir Eser | A Private Work (2016). 28:50
Mariel Roberts: violoncello.
9. Ian Power. Swathe (2019). 25:42
Gleb Kanasevich: clarinet.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 2006
   Peter Streiff

10. Peter Streiff. Chronos-Kairos (1973). 24:48
Peter Streiff: VCS-3 synthesizer.
11. Peter Streiff. Profil (ein Ritueller Verlauf) (1968). 9:23
Ensemble Neue Horizonte Bern: Matthias Bruppacher, Lutz Leonhardt, Roland Moser, Urs Peter Schneider, Peter Streiff: gongs and cymbals. Conducted by Urs Peter Schneider.
12. . Peter Streiff. Gneis 1 (Blau Rot Atem Grün) (2016). 11:33
13. . Peter Streiff. Für Zehn (Faden Zettel Prägung) (2012). 11:17
Ensemble Montaigne: Julianna Wetzel: flute. Peter Vögeli: oboe. Nicola Katz. clarinet. Bahar Tonaboylu: horn. Patricia Pazos Pintor: bassoon. Miriam Müller, Claudia Kienzler: violin. Markus Wieser: viola. Felix Schüeli: violoncello. Kaspar Wirz: double bass. Conducted by Andreas Brenner.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 2007
   Kevin Good

14. Kevin Good. Slow, Silent, Singing. 78:53
Michael Jones: glockenspiel.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 2008
   Pierre Gerard

15. Pierre Gerard. Imprévu Visible Inversé. Part a-g. 31:59
Susanne Gerard: sound knife in the sand. Pierre Gerard: abstract voice, guitars, violin, electronics, field recordings.
CD: Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 2009
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