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The Palace of Nostalgia

sat 3 oct 2020 20:00 

Jazz, blues and nostalgia.

A refreshing journey through time in The Palace.

Although autumn lay wait, Roy Eldridge and Milt Jackson play a tropical ‘Recado bossa nova’ (for Eldridge, this is a bossa first time)

Further: Mose Allison Junior, who managed to escape from a poor existence as a farmer by singing the blues.  (He was praised as a ‘musician’s musician’, ‘singer’s singer’ and ‘songwriter’s songwriter’)

Two representatives of ‘cool’ singing: June Christy and Anita O’Day. Then, Frank Sinatra with undisputedly the  best interpretation of ‘Bang bang my baby shot me down’ and Rosemary Clooney & Nelson Riddle with ‘You took advantage of me’.

You also hear Webster Young, de trumpet player who continued to play like the early Miles Davis all his life. And again a jazz celebrity, destined to be: Wardell Gray who was murdered at a young age. Esther Philips also led a doomed life.

Voice artist Ken Nordine talks about the fate of family Smith. And the style of Hot Club de France by Angelo Debarre Quartet is swinging (a jam session from Paris, which was just liberated). We conclude with the obscure vocalist Ida James.


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