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In honour of Louis Andriessen (1939-2021)


Louis Andriessen is considered Holland’s most influential composer since Sweelinck. On 1 July Andriessen died at the age of 82 as a result of Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.He left behind an incomparable oeuvre in which influences such as minimal music, rock, avant-garde and Stravinsky shine through. His pithy, powerful style, full of sharp blows and good notes, was imitated all over the world, especially in England and the USA. This unapproachable minimal style of clenched and spicy notes soon became known as the so-called Hague style. It resulted in masterpieces such as De Staat, Mausoleum and Hoketus. But Andriessen’s music also had a more poetic, serene side in which delicate sounds and ecstatic, long-spun moments demand attention. In this thematic broadcast, a small homage to the great Dutch master with a lot of contemplative, dreamy and still work.



Louis Andriessen

1. ‘Romance voor Caecilia’ (1991), for piano, op Louis Andriessen: The Memory of Roses. Caecilia Andriessen (piano). VPRO Eigenwijs EW 9304 CD

2. ‘Vergeet mij niet’ (1970), for oboe and piano, op Louis Andriessen: The Memory of Roses. Werner Herbers (oboe and piano). VPRO Eigenwijs EW 9304 CD

3. ’La Voce’ (1981) for cello and speaking voice, op Louis Andriessen: The Memory of Roses. Frances-Marie Uitti (cello and voice). VPRO Eigenwijs EW 9304 CD

4. ‘Overture to Orpheus’ (1982) for harpsichord, op Louis Andriessen: Zilver. Lorna Eder (harpsichord), member of California EAR Unit. New Albion Records NA 094 CD

5.‘Dubbelspoor’ (1986), for harpsichord, piano, celeste and glockenspiel, op Louis Andriessen: The Memory of Roses. Gerard Bouwhuis (piano), Stanley Hoogland (harpsichord), Ronald Brautigam (celeste) en Arnold Marinissen (glockenspiel). VPRO Eigenwijs EW 9304 CD

6. ‘TAO (De Weg)’ from Trilogie van de Laatste Dag (1997) for ensemble, piano, koto and voice. Louis Andriessen: Trilogie van de Laatste Dag. Asko & Schönberg Ensemble + Tomoko Mukaiyama (piano, koto and voice) conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw. Donemus Composers’ Voice CV 79 CD

7. ‘Dances’ (1991) for symphony orchestra and soprano, op Louis Andriessen: De Stijl-Trepidus-Dances. Radio Chamber Orchestra conducted by Gunther Schuller + Claron McFadden (soprano). Attacca Babel 9375 CD

8. ‘Symfonie voor losse snaren’ (1978) for twelve strings, op Louis Andriessen: Melodie-Symfonie voor losse snaren. Caecilia Consort conducted by Ed Spanjaard. Attacca Babel 9267-6 CD


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