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Through the night

Works by Larcher, Lassus, Bach, Frölich, Zehnder, Bumsteinas and others.

01:00 The CD ‘Hotel Zauberberg’ after Thomas Mann by violinist Ayumi Paul, accompanied by Aki Takase on the piano. 
01:55 Thomas Larcher. ‘What becomes’:
1. Poems. 2. What becomes. 3. A Padmore Cycle.
Tamara Stefanovich, piano.
Mark Padmore, tenor. Thomas Larcher, piano.
03:00 Roland de Lassus (Orlando Lasso). 
Missa super Dixit Joseph, chansons and other works.
Odhecaton conducted by Paulo da Col.
03:40 Johann Sebastian Bach. 
Köthener Trauermusik, BWV 244a.
Ensemble Pygmalion conducted by Raphael Pichon.
04:55 The CD ‘Wetterleuchten’ by Swiss composers Fortunat Frölich & Christian Zehnder.
Casal Quartett, Amar Quartett &  Cor Viril.
05:55 Arturas Bumsteinas (Lithuania 1982). Different trains, radiophonic music.
Realisation Arturas Bumsteinas.