Programme “Meet the Concertzender LIVE” 5 June

sun 4 jun 2017
Theme: General

Come to the Concertzender stage on the Stadhuisplein in Utrecht on 5 June and meet the Concertzender. You can also listen live via our website or download the radio app.

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Culturele Zondag – Utrecht Centraal

With Eric Vloeimans, Holland Baroque, Folk Road Show and many more!

Programme Concertzenderpodium
(may be subject to change)

Location Stadhuisplein

13:10 to 13:20 Continental Céili Band (CCB) & Celtic Dance
céili (pronounce: keelie) was originally a social get together in Ireland. In Ireland and Scotland it’s now about a party with traditional dances and music. Group dancing is the basis. Keltisch Dansje is a dance school which organises this sort of gathering as workshop. De band C.C.B. started during the Irish jamsessies in O’Leary’s Irish pub (Utrecht). The makeup varies from five to twenty experienced Irish musicians with acoustic instruments, such as violin, guitar, flute, accordeon, banjo, bodhrán (hand drum) and uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipies). www.keltischdansje.nl

13:30 to 13:40 The Utrecht Music War
De Utrechtse Muziekoorlog’ is a performance based on a controversial period in Utrecht music history. Around 1920 there was a lot of hatred around the appointment of a new conductor of the Utrechts Stedelijk Orkest, Jan van Gilse. Anti-German sentiment shortly after the First World War played a part. The most feared music critic of the time, Willem Pijper, was against the appointment and wrote accordingly. It got so bad that at one point Van Gilse refused to conduct if Pijper was in the hall. Van Gilse and Pijper also composed. A nice starting point for playing their music. The music will be played by 2 members of the world famous Utrecht String Quartet who have invited 2 students from the Utrechts Conservatorium. The text is by Coen Cornelis spoken by Jos Nargy and Joep Hendrikx.

13:50 to 14:00 Holland Baroque & Eric Vloeimans, trumpet
Holland Baroque was recently in the news in the brilliant film by Cherry Duyns of her very successful attempt to ask modern music expert Reinbert de Leeuw to do the Matthäus Passion with them. Such daring experiments are typical for the ensemble. In their newest project they work together with Holland’s most famous trumpeter, Eric Vloeimans, whose emotional whisper sounds cannot be categorised. www.hollandbaroque.com www.ericvloeimans.nl

14:10 to 14:20 Violinist Thailo van Ree and friends
Thailo van Ree studied classic violin at the Utrechts Conservatorium. The last two years he has concentrated on playing jazz and bluegrass. He shared the podium with Tim Akkerman, ex-lead singer of Di-rect, Youri Lentjes, known as the best Dutch singer/songwriter,  and Charl Delemarre, winner Grote Prijs NL 2014. His first solo jazz EP, ‘Body & Soul’, appeared in 2016.

14:30 to 14:40 Mitch van Essen, singer of Dutch popular songs
Mitch plays every week, distance no problem, from Emmen to Breda, from Den Haag to Eindhoven, but also in Amsterdam en Utrecht  Mitch sings in cafés, restaurants, football canteens and party locations. At birthdays, weddings, conventions, communion parties, company parties and on camping sites. His first single is coming out shortly.

14:50 to 15:00 Thijl the opera, performed by the Utrecht Student ConcertTh
The Utrecht conductor and composer Jan van Gilse was one of the first musicians – also chairman of the BUMA – who during the German occupation openly announced that he wouldn’t work with the Germans and refused to be a member of the Kultuurkamer. He was fired, had to go underground and his music was banned and even destroyed. Two of his sons were deeply involved in the resistance and were executed. In 1940 Van Gilse wrote an opera about Thijl Uilenspieghel, set in the 16th century, when Flanders was ruled by the Spanish. This opera wil be performed by the  Utrechtsch Studenten Concert with soloists such as Anthony Heidweiler.

15:10 to 15:40 The Folk Road Show
The main act on the C
oncertzenderpodium will be the The Folk Road Show. An international musical group consisting of five singer/songwriters, also multi-instrumentalists from Australia, Canada and Holland. All members write numbers and take their turn as lead singers. They exchange guitar, banjo, mandolin, trombone and drums. Their ensemble singing has been compared with Crosby, Stills and Nash. The group has toured in Europe and in Canada, where their debut album was recorded. www.thefolkroadshow.co

15:55 to 16:05 Dutch Cassidy
On his site  Dutch Cassidy, alias Olav v.d. Spree writes: ‘A little country, a little rock n’roll. Songs not afraid to say something about personal challenges and pushing back boundaries. A lot cheaper than therapy’. Sitting on the hoover, while his mother sang along to Elvis and Johnny Cash, sounds from their neighbour’s shed, he quickly developed a love for both genres. He has 25 years experience with punk, rhythm & blues and tearjerkers. His EP is coming out shortly. www.dutchcassidy.com

16:15 to 16:25 Terence Roelofsen, singer/songwriter
Terence Roelofsen is well known in Utrecht . He’s also affectionately known as the ‘night mayor’ . We know him from his English songs. The born and bred Utrechtenaar sometimes writes in Dutch too. Such as the song ‘In het midden’, about his town, which fits him like a glove. The videoclip was recorded in one take in the Domtoren. Terence got an Honorary mention in Giels Talentjacht.

16:35 to 16:45 Walid Ben Selim & Jaber Fayad
Music which tries to combine the Arabic world with the Western. The Maroccan singer Walid Ben Selim bases his texts on modern and classic Arabic poetry with a strong freedom message. Jaber Fayad playsb Syrian lute and builds them. In 2015 he had to flee Syria . Even during the dangerous crossing in a rubber boat he kept his fellow fugitives spirits up by singing to them. They’ll be playing together on 5th June. They met in a jam session in 2016 in the Utrechtse AZC ! Walid Ben Selim and Jaber Fayad play a programme of spiritual sufi poetry and Arab music.

16:55 to 17:05 Klangkörper, Danibal and Rowan Hartsuiker
Danibal has specialised in playing the mouth harp, a small obscure plucked instrument . There is a worldwide renaissance: both in traditional music and pop music. Danibals playing is influenced by different traditions. There is also room for throat singing, yodelling and other sorts of text-free voicing . www.danibal.nl Rowan Hartsuiker sings and plays Mongolian music on a Mongolian violin or banjo and is fascinated by throat singing. He also gives workshops about it. www.rowanhartsuiker.com

17:15 to 17:25 Van Piekeren
Van Piekeren is a Dutch (theater-)band from Utrecht, with its own diverse repertoire, dynamically performed in a semi-acoustic setting. Think ‘Tom Waits meets Ramses Shaffy meets JJ Cale’. Jan van Piekeren, vocals, Johan Fransen, guitar, Hans Boosman, percussion and Wouter Kronenberg, bass. www.vanpiekeren.nl