Psychedelica || post scriptum

sat 28 jun 2014
Theme: Crosslinks

Popart on Wednesday 2 July at 22:00 provides the afterparty to our Psychedelica theme night with Mühr's masterpiece Messiah.


Psychedelic sounds have been used in music for many years. In the 1960s and 1970s they were a hype, particularly during the period of the Flower Power movement on the West Coast of the US, which peaked during the ‘Summer Of Love’ ('67/'69). They were also frequent multi-media happenings from 1966 in the Roundhouse in London and in the scene around the UFO Club.


Guitar effects, such as feedback, wah-wah and distortion, were typical for this period.  Studio effects such as playing tapes backwards, long tape loops, echo and exotic instruments with a strong preference for the sitar and tabla were also introduced. Electronic keyboards, such as  first generation synthesizers also became common as well as complex sounds and rhythms. Song texts contained direct and indirect references to mind-expanding drugs and surrealistic visual experiences.  All these elements were combined to produce compositions that filled a complete side of an LP and could last hours during live perfomances.


Programme maker Paul Lemmens (Popart) explored the revival of psychedelia in contemporary music together with Dennis Duijnhouwer from Amsterdam's psychedelic doom-metal band Mühr during our Psychedelia theme night on Wednesday 28 May.


Click here for the programme guide for Popart on 21 May 2014, the prelude to our psychedelia theme night.


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Click here for the programme guide for Popart on 2 July 2014.