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tue 27 oct 2015

Thursday 29th October at 18.00 in Radio around the Globe: Amir Chitzan (Iran) and his book 'Hyena's and the moonlight girls'.



When Siawash closes his eyes, he can still sniff the smells of his youth. The flowers in his grandparents garden, where he played with the orphan Sari-Gol . The spices his mother used when she cooked. But also the smell of fear, which pervaded everything when ayatollah Khomeini came to power.


Amir Chitzan (1960) has taken 12 years to write the intriguing novel ‘Hyena’s and the moonlight girls ’  and he's happy to talk about the Iran of his youth – from which he fled in 1993 – and today's Iran . In Dutch !


N.B.: Thursday 5th November at 20.00 Amir Chitzan will present his book in Evenaar Singel 348 Amsterdam: you're very welcome!

More information: www.evenaar.net


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