sun 6 mar 2016

In the weekly programme Strictly Classical (every Wednesday from 14.00 tot 15.00) Thijs Bonger will from 9th March be making a four part series about Carl Czerny (1791-1857). When you

hear his name you immediately think of the endless study of his dry as dust etudes. Czerny was afraid that, should he fail with a symphony or string quartet, that would damage his reputation as a leading piano teacher. So around 40 string quartets were never published. ” High time to do something about that ” thought the Sheridan Ensemble, which recorded a double cd of four stunning string quartets.  A complete surprise, which prompted programme maker/presentator Thijs Bonger to make a number of programmes about Czerny. Carl Czerny, student and friend of Beethoven, Liszt’s teacher, has according to Bonger been scandalously ignored  by the public and musicologists alike. An attempt at revival in the episodes of Strictly Classical on 9, 16, 23 and 30th March.