Royal Raymond Rife

thu 22 jul 2021
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The discoverer of resonance therapy is the subject of Dr Klangendum on Sunday 25th July.

The radiophonic production Royal Raymond Rife And His Mortal Oscillatory Rates, composed by Kroos, will be broadcast at 1200pm on Sunday 25th July in Dr Klangendum. You remember it, the programme about independent sound art, radiophonic projects and other audio non-visual misunderstandings and discoveries.

Around 1920 Dr. Royal Raymond Rife made one of the most important discoveries in history: he built the most powerful microscope ever and was the first person to see a living virus. In this way he discovered that every sickness causing micro-organism has a frequency range, within which it can be destroyed, the ‘window of vulnerability’. The Rife frequencies are the primary high frequencies that can influence this frequency range, so that the sickness causing micro organism can be destroyed.

Exciting medical discoveries, developments and applications. Especially so because the resonance therapy that Rife developed was controversial, his discoveries were hushed up and he was thought crazy. Although he could easily prove his discoveries scientifically, other scientists refused to look through his microscope. Rife was resisted for the rest of his life.

Listen Sunday 25 July to Dr.Klangendum and read more hier about the programme.

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