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Sonny Rollins. Two ladies

thu 27 jun 2024
Theme: Jazz
Saturday June 29th, 2:00 PM – Past, Present & Future.
The opening is bt tenorist Sonny Rollins, accompanied by drummer “Philly” Joe Jones. Three pieces from Newk’s Time (Blue Note 1957). Then, on this side of the ocean, the Swiss group ITAKIRY with vocalist Chiara Schönfeld. For the third panel of this triptych we travel north, to Norway: saxophonist Mette Henriette, surrounded by her Large Ensemble.
The years ’56 and ’57 were a fruitful period for Rollins. Tenor Madness was released in ’56, with John Coltrane. And in ’57, including two piano-less albums: Way Out West and the live recording A Night at the Village Vanguard. Both line-ups are trios, with bass and drums. Newk’s Time is a quartet with pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Doug Watkins and drummer “Philly” Joe Jones.
The song The Surrey with the Fringe on Top, from the musical ‘Oklahoma!’ by Rogers and Hammerstein (1943), became a jazz standard. Rollins not only omits the piano, but also the bass. A duo, with only drummer Jones. In a later phase of his life, Rollins also appeared on stage alone.
The quartet piece Asiatic Raes, a composition by Kenny Dorham, opens with polyrhythms and polymetrics. After the theme it turns into regularity within a traditional song form. Here too, Jones is given space for a long, drawn-out drum story.
The song Blues for Philly Joe emphasizes the musical relationship/friendship between horn player and drummer. A light, cheerful ending to this Rollins block in which pianist Wynton Kelly is also on a roll. Over the basic, major-toned blues harmonies, Rollins composed a melodically and rhythmically rich theme. (John Coltrane composed a blues for his bassist Paul Chambers, Mr. P.C. Located on Giant Steps.)
After the solid, expressive Rollins sound we switch to more intimate atmospheres. The Swiss group ITAKIRY recently performed in TivoliVredenburg on April 28, 2024. An initiative of programme maker Jaap van de Klomp. In addition to singer/composer Chiara Schönfeld, the group consists of Mischa Maurer piano, Rafael Jerjen bass and Maris Egli drums. Lots of nature in the lyrics. Free forms, transparent textures, with ‘non-percussive’ percussion.
Norwegian saxophonist/composer/(and much more) Mette Henriette (photo) was the first musician to record a double debut album for ECM-Records in 2015. You will hear her in six pieces, three of which are under two minutes. Her Large Ensemble often produces a sound in which individual instruments are barely recognisable. It can start softly and turn into a storm. It can also start softly, and stay that way, with minimal development. The music invites images and associations.
NB. There is nothing wrong with your sound system. After the start of the piece Breathe it takes 15 seconds before the sound becomes audible…
Warning: Transgressive jazz.
Details in the Guide.
A programme by Jaap van de Klomp (photo: ECM-Records – Anton Corbijn)
News item writer: “Say Jaap, I notice that in your choice of contemporary jazz musicians, women are more than averagely represented. Young women. Beautiful women. You also once awarded a self-established award to saxophonist Kika Sprangers: the Jaap van de Klomp Appreciation Award 2017.” Jaap: “Yes, I do have a soft spot for women who, in my opinion, add something to the musical landscape.” News report writer: “………..?” Jaap: “………………………………………………………………………!”