Sonoor : Noel Lee

sun 27 nov 2016
Theme: Contemporary Music
Composer: Noël Lee
En Blanc et Noir: in Sonoor we’ll be concentrating for five Sunday evenings on pianist/composer Noël Lee (1924-2013).
Programme maker Evert Jan Nagtegaal explains:
“The Concertzender gave me the opportunity to make five programmes  about my good friend and pianist/composer Noël Lee. Ik have so many of his lp’s and cd’s that I could have made many more more programmes, but in these five we can create a lovely monument for Noël.
The first episode is on Sunday 27th November at 18:00  (Sonoor) followed by four Sundays with the last on 25th December , Noël Dayton Lee’s birthday.”
for your diary:
27th November, 4th December, 11th December, 18th December and 25th December.