Sought : Play places for RadioLAB and RadioKast

tue 20 nov 2018
Theme: General

The Concertzender has two splendid educative projects specially for kids: RadioLAB and RadioKast. In 2019 we’re looking for locations where kids with Kast and Laboratorium can make radio themselves. We already have good contacts in Utrecht , but in addition other tips to book projects would be welcome.

RadioLAB (or PodcastLAB) is a workshop for children between 8 and 14 . Participants get a speed course in making radio and thereafter make their own radio programme. They interview one another and transition from one programme to another. The workshop has become a minor phenomon in the theatre and festival world. Everything is recorded and placed online , so they can listen back and let others hear.

RadioKast is based on Achterwerk in de Kast from the VPRO. The formula is simple: a closet,¬† a few minutes of broadcasting time, no editing or help from adults. The children make their own programme, bloopers included. We tour the country with the RadioKAST¬† and go to festivals, music schools and theatres. It’s fun to hear what the children do and say.

It costs 200 to 250 euros for a day ( closet ) or part of a day (workshop). Are you interested in one of the projects? Send an email to judith.van.de.crommert@concertzender.nl
More information about RadioLAB en RadioKast.