Sparkling jazz from Sweden

fri 15 apr 2022
Theme: Jazz

The Art of the Improvisers – Saturday 16 April 11:00 CET. Pianist/composer Per Henrik Wallin created his own musical world. He was at home in both fixed forms as in free improvisation. Thelonious Monk was an important source of inspiration.

Per Henrik Wallin (1946-2005) made a record in 1991 as part of a trio, Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins. The group with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and percussionist Kjell Nordeson commands immediate attention due to their groupiness – three pairs of ears, listening for 100% to each other. Flashy, energetic passages and whispering near-silences alternate convincingly. In addition to his own pieces, Wallin also plays the well-known song I Should Care – solo – with stride passages and free-form highlights.

In 1999, the record 9.9.99 was released, a live recording made in Copenhagen. As you may have guessed, the concert took place on September 9, 1999. Bassist is Peter Janson, Leif Wennerström is the drummer. This formation is also a close-knit trio. Compositions by Thelonious Monk form the core of the set. In this ode to Monk we hear a consistent post-bop Wallin, and don’t miss the bass solo in We See!

The Art of the Improvisers – a program by Marcel Kranendonk