The Concertzender in November

wed 28 oct 2020

Remember the other Donald? As he – Donald Rumsfeld – would have said, this month once again a lot of unkown unknowns on the Concertzender, among the known knows. Which, of course, is personal. But I’ll bet you’re less at home in the fascinating world of the Paraguayan harpists than our programme maker Henk Braaksma. So work on that and do listen to exitos musicales. Our composer of the month is one to remember, too. Guilaume Lekeu, dying before most of us got off child benefit, is a pearl in the crown of Wallonia and Belgium. Thijs Bonger rounds off his brilliant series about Hayden’s sun quartets (talk about established names) and we look forwards to 2022. Then a special concert will take place on the initiative of Utrecht Council, and you can participate. In the meantime, keep listening to the Concertzender: we’re lock down proof! See you next month.