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The Concertzender People : Angela Peters

thu 18 oct 2018
Theme: General

Angela Peters has been working for about a year as technician at the Concertzender on the Ganzenmarkt in Utrecht. On Wednesday afternoons she provides technical support for the live programme Concertzender Actueel.

‘In Perth, Australië, I helped out at a radiostation. Back in the Netherlands I was looking for a nice radio station to do something technical. That’s how I came to work for the Concertzender.

I enjoy the live broadcasts such as Concertzender Actueel on Wednesday afternoons the most. That’s real jewel among our programmes: live, very informative and often with guests who perform too.

For me as a technician it’s fun because everything has to be done rightly on the spot. Thinking and acting go together. Before the broadcast I prepare all the music. For live performances I get the microphones set up. I make sure there is always sound. The first time I did the technical support on my own for Concertzender Actueel,  I forgot at the start of the broadcast to set the mixing panel at the right level. Result: the presenter coudn’t be heard by the listeners ! I was in panic for a minute as I didn’t know what was going on. But thereafter it went well !’

Want to be a technician? We’re happy to train interested volunteers! The Concertzender has a limited number of places available. Contact Floor van Domburg.