The Goksel Yilmaz Ensemble in Acoustic Roots

mon 29 aug 2016
Theme: World Music

On Thursday 1st September at 20:15 uur, old acquaintances of ours will be playing in Acoustic Roots:
Göksel Yilmaz and his Ensemble. The occasion is their third and last album Kan Zaman issued in 2016 . You’re welcome to be there. It’s in the Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht.

The hall will be open from 20:00 and tickets are € 5,–.

Broadcast date is Friday 16th September from 21:00 – 22:00 .

The album Kan Zaman has been internationally well received, in July it was at 16th place on the 20 best albums in the World Music Charts Europe.  Göksel described this album:
“Kan Zaman is an ode to the past, a tribute to my roots and Arabian love songs.
Everyone used to sing, but not any more… Previously people didn’t send letters to loved ones abroad but sent recordings on cassette tapes. On the cassette tapes people would talk about daily life and sing songs. I found one of these tapes and discovered that practically all my family sang on it.
These songs were the main inspiration for making this album . I wanted to make an album containing only Arabian songs I heard in my youth. I made a selection of the songs which made the most impression and have always remained in my mind…And so “Kan Zaman” was born…”

Göksel Yilmaz, vocals, guitar and saz
Anne Bakker, violin
Sándor Kém, double base
Ulas Aksünger, percussion
Funda Yilmaz, vocals