The Ox in times of Corona #5

sat 1 aug 2020

This month we are broadcasting part 17 in the series An Ox of the Roof by Thea Derks, a series inspired by her dutch book of the same title.

The recent programme in the series have featured music by Dutch composers in order to provide them with some support in these difficult times. This month the programme includes a recording of the song cycle ‘The Open Road‘ by Kate Moore, the Australian-Dutch composer who won the Matthijs Vermeulen Award in 2017. The programme closes with a piece by the American-Dutch composer Vanessa Lann. Her composition ‘Is a Bell…. A Bell?’ for the Austrian pianist Isabel Ettenauer is unusual because it is written for two toy pianos.

Compiled, edited and presented by Thea Derks

Sunday 2-8-2020 from 12:00 to 13:00 CET