The Sound Cafe

wed 30 mar 2016

Thursday 31st March in the Sound Cafe at 18.00 : jazz/pop-zanger Wouter Hamel, soprano Laetitia Gerards, pianist Ramon van Engelen and artist Koen Wilgehof.

The 21st Episode of the Sound Cafe took place on Sunday 20th March. And what an episode it was ! Wouter Hamel played 3 numbers in an unplugged session and reduced the listeners to tears. 22 year old soprano Laetitia Gerards also made an impression, showing how seductive opera can be.

Wouter Hamel decribed his affinity with classical to presenter Louis Gauthier. It started with his aunt  Aleid who took him as young lad to the ballet. Composer Debussy still provides a major source of inspiration for his own works. According to Wouter he’s the composer who best operates on the boundary of jazz and classical music. Sidekick Daan Herweg – jazz pianist and composer – agreed enthusiastically.

Of course Wouter had to play live. Traveling Alone was a gripping number, accompanied by pianist Thierry Castel.

Laetitia Gerards was the talent of this month. She deserves to be described as a top talent. Her combination of strong singing and seductive acting completely absorbed the listeners. Together with pianist Ramon van Engelenhoven – a former guest on the Sound Cafe – she sang three songs. Her performance of the song Les Filles de Cadix moved many of the public…

A mini exhibition by artist Koen Wilgehof formed a powerful backdrop. Koen is inspired by music from among others composer Phiiip Glass. The bright blue work on the photo is his.