Thema : In Memoriam Tony Conrad

sat 14 may 2016

On Saturday 9th April the American minimalist, master violinist and avant-garde film pioneer Tony Conrad passed away. He was 76 . His membership of La Monte Young’s group The Theatre of Eternal Music is legendary.

As well as Conrad and Young The Theatre of Eternal Music comprised singer Marian Zazeela, percussionist Angus MacLise and fellow violinist John Cale. With his heavily amplified, biting violin drones Tony Conrad played an absolutely key role within this minimalist drone ensemble. Over the last decennia Tony Conrad developed more and into a independent composer. He also worked with fellow spirits such as Jim O’Rourke, Genesis P-orridge and Charlemagne Palestine. Conrad was also a celebrated experimental film maker and was often a guest at the Rotterdam Internationaal Film Festival. His film ‘The Flicker’ is regarded as an experimental classic. In the Thema episode on Wednesday 27th April (20.00-22.00 ) you can hear some of Tony Conrads special compositions and collaborations. Including his magical duet with krautrockers Faust and the intense ode to the drone in his ‘Early Minimalism’ cycle.