Traditional music from Cameroon and Afghanistan

thu 7 jan 2016
Theme: World Music

World Minerals on Friday 7 January at 22:00 CET features music from the Fulani, an islamic people from Northern Cameroon,  and the LP L’Afghanistan Eternel, with Afghan music from the 1970s.


Jean-Benoit Kauffmann – a producer that travelled extensively through Afghanistan in the 1970s – was responsible for recording the voices of Tanbaku and Nahim, together with their playing of the tanbur and the rubab, long-necked lutes from the region. They sing songs about love and about the rich and heroic history of their country.

The album ‘L’Afghanistan Eternel’ is a fascinating recording of a period in the musical history of the country which has almost been wiped out by the efforts of religious fanatics in the decades that have followed.


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