Vacancy: Producer Carib Calling.

tue 12 dec 2017
Theme: World Music

The Concertzender is looking for a producer / director for Carib Calling. It concerns a function on a voluntary basis.

Carib Calling

A stage for music from the Caribbean such as Suriname and the Antilles, but also from Latin America and the United States of America.
According to an idea by host Noraly Beyer, around a ‘special guest’ who is allowed to determine his / her theme and music.

Functional description

As producer you’re primarily occupied with the organisation . You ensure the necessary facilities, materials, contact with the artists and presenters, drawing up the operations book, etc… At the start of a production you research whether a production is financially and organisationally achievable.

You are artistically responsible and oversee every aspect of the production . You don’t only go through the organisation book with the technicians and visit the locations, you’re also present during the recordings of the artists in the studios.

Interested ?

Send an email to cobie@cobieivens.nl