The Sound Café

thu 26 may 2016

The latest episode of The Sound Café is available on demand. Louis Gauthier’s guests are soprano Claron McFadden, jazz pianist and composer Mike del Ferro, violist Saskia Meijs and video artist Martijn Grootendorst.

Claron McFadden and Mike del Ferro are currently busy with the ambitious project “Opera meets Jazz”.  Claron sings arias from the world of opera in a totally different jazzy context. Together they reveal the cool side of Bizet and Puccini.

Our talent of the month is violist Saskia Meijs who is working together with video artist Martijn Grootendorst in the unique project Video Viola. Saskia’s mission is to increase our awareness and appreciation of the viola, an unruly and undervalued instrument.  In this respect, she follows in the footsteps of Bach, Mozart and John Cale and so is in good company.

To listen to the programme click here