Winter Solstice

wed 9 dec 2020
Theme: Crosslinks

On Saturday night from 19th to 20th December a night of music for the winter solstice.

This year four programme makers will be providing the Winter Solstice.

From exactly 12 midnight from 19th to 20th December, Roel Janssen (Space Exposure), Harrold Roeland (Sensenta), Bob Rusche (X-Rated and X-Ray) and Peter van Cooten (DreamScenes) will be presenting a night full of amazing experiences.

A night filled with the beauty of the darkness.

“Days may come and days may go
Over that good horizon again
And after we slide under
We dream our paradise
We dream all the dark away”
Fovea Hex – “We Dream All The Dark Away”, 2017