X-Rated : Drone Cinema Film Festival

sun 22 mar 2015
Theme: Crosslinks

This coming Sunday 22nd March from 21.00 X-Rated will be giving tickets away for the Drone Cinema Film Festival in the Vrijplaats in Leiden.

The programme for the evening: 20:30 15 – 20 minute live drone set

21:00 Stewart Collinson – “Transitus Siderum” Asha Tamarisa – “OX” Kris Force – “Leukos” Gary Weisberg – “Particle Streams” Michael Seta – “[*]nScape”

22:00 — intermission —

22:30 Tristan McGuire – “A98point4″
Curgenven & Wendt – “Lit”
Scott Barley & Rob Easychord – “Polytechnique”
Anechoicmedia – “TBA”

23:30 15 – 20 minute live drone set

00:00 “Internet DJ” downstairs

Kim Cascone
Director/Curator, Drone Cinema Film Festival.


To complete the evening he has invited his friends Frans de Waard and Martijn Comes to play some live drone’s before and after the films.


For more info search the website of Vrijplaats || Leiden.