28th July, anniversary of Bach’s death

mon 29 jul 2019
Theme: Early Music

Today, 28th July, is the anniversary of the death of the greatest composer of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach. In Bach ad Infinitum we’ll be covering that this week and are playing music which will be played at the concert Bach op de Berg in honour of Bach.

In this concert Bach op de Berg, this evening (Sunday 28th July) in Amersfoort, you can hear among other items the (wedding)cantata for soprano ‘Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten’, BWV 202 and the Concerto in A-groot for oboe d’amore, BWV 1055R.
Pperformers are soprano Henriette Feith, oboïst Mario Topper and a baroque ensemble led by Cees-Willem van Vliet, harpsichord.
Here’s more about this concert.

In Bach ad Infinitum in the week before and after the anniversary of the death of Bach we’ll hear among others Carolyn Sampson in cantata BWV 202 and Xenia Löffler in the concerto for oboe d’amore.

Bach ad Infinitum:

  • Monday 22nd t/m Friday 26th July 2019, 13.00 – 14.00
  • Monday 29th July t/m Friday 2nd August 2019, 13.00 – 14.00  (repeats)
  • Listen to the repeats.


Also in Serie Jordi Savall this afternoon at 16.00 we remember the death of Bach with excerpts from the reconstruction of his Mark-passion. Savall based his reconstruction on that of the German musicologist Alexander Grychtolik.

Serie Jordi Savall: