Acoustic Roots with the Ragtime Guitar Parlour

fri 15 mar 2019
Theme: World Music

Friday 15th March 21.00  – Acoustic Roots

In Acoustic Roots Karin van den Boogaert will be welcoming two ‘Golden Oldies’ from the Dutch Folk Circuit. Amsterdammer Leo Wijnkamp has lived for years in Antwerp. He describes how he once played in the warm-up programme for the Eagles , long before their breakthrough. He’s also worked with many international musicians. Many years ago he once worked with Kees van der Poel. Kees is a multi-instrumentalist and formed the basis of folk groups such as Wargaren and Wijnkamp. Both gentlemen are retired, but met each other again and decided to start making good music together again. Wijnkamp is an authority on ragtime for guitar, a passion he shares with Van der Poel. They are very interested in the masterful guitarist Blind Blake.
So in Acoustic Roots this time it’s about passion for Ragtime music and finger picking guitars. And great stories.


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