Bach soloist portrait Jos van Veldhoven

sun 10 may 2015
Theme: Early Music

In Bach ad Infinitum on Wednesday 6th May (13.00-14.00) you can hear a musical solo portrait of Jos van Veldhoven, musical director of the Netherlands Bach Society.


Jos van Veldhoven has been musical director of the Netherlands Bach Society since 1963. He conducts the choir and orchestra on a regular basis in the Netherlands and elsewhere and performs the most important works by Bach and his contemporaries, including the traditional St Matthew Passion in Naarden.
Jos van Veldhoven is well-known for his innovative programming, in which he combines tradition and adventure and devotes attention to unfamiliar repertoire from Early Music.

All of Bach is the major project of the Bach Society during which in 10 years time the whole of Bach's repertoire will be available audio-visually over the Internet. In this way people the world over (currently more than 265,000 people) can enjoy free and online the 160 hours of music in the 1080 works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Last 2nd May was the first anniversary of the launching of the website allofbach.com

From 13th to 16th May 2015 the Bach Society will be touring the country with the programme 'Actus Tragicus', with 3 cantatas including "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit", BWV 106, but also the wedding cantata "Der Herr denket an uns", BWV 196.


In the soloist portrait in Bach ad Infinitum you can hear Jos van Veldhoven in: the Magnificat in D BWV 243, the wedding cantata "Der Herr denket an uns", BWV 196 and the motet "Stehe auf, meine Freundin" by Heinrich Schütz, a predecessor of Bach.



  • Wednesday 6th May 2015, 13.00-14.00
  • Wednesday 13th May 2015, 13.00-14.00


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