Billy Strayhorn Revisited

tue 5 jan 2021
Theme: Jazz

Saturday 9th January – 18:00  Vocale Jazz

Programme maker Ineke Heijliger started her series about Billy Strayhorn on 12th December. Now she’s moving further on. Strayhorn’s music – and Ellington – in a unique instrumental/vocal context.

The group Chamber 9 comprises nine musicians: drums, bass, two guitars, string quartet (!) and vocalist Sanna van Vliet. In guitarist Axel Hagen’s arrangements they produce a sound all their own. The volume is rarely above mezzo forte , and the 2 guitarists are equally introvert in their solos. You could call it “chamber jazz”. Sanna van Vliet adds a relaxed scat in her improvisations.

You’ll also hear music by Roberta Gambarini, Marjorie Barnes, Bob Dorough and Allan Harris.