Bonum Est – Hermannus Contractus

sat 18 apr 2015
Theme: Early Music

On Sunday 19th April (15.00-16.00 ) Bonum Est will be playing works by Hermannus Contractus, who was born 85 years before Hildegard van Bingen . Today he is seen as the Stephen Hawking of the 11th century.


Hermannus was one of the major minds of the Middle Ages and lived in Reichenau monastery. He was also known as Herman the Cripple, because he was physically handicapped from birth. As well as Astrology and history he was an expert in the science of music : he developed a musical notation and composed.

A cd of his work was finally released in 2013 ,by Ensemble Ordo Virtutum conducted by Stefan Morent. This CD "The Miracle of the Century – Hermannus Contractus (1013 – 1054)" contains a selection from 3 liturgies Hermannus composed.



  • Sunday 19th April 2015, 15.00 – 16.00
  • Monday 27th April 2015, 11.00 – 12.00


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