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Carissimi and Virtuoso Violin Consort

sat 26 nov 2022
Theme: Early Music

In Concertzender Live on Friday 9 December at 14:00 CET it is again time for one of our recordings from the Early Music Festival 2021! This time you can listen to concerts with 17th century music: Ensemble Correspondances with ‘Giacomo Carissimi: Jephte’, and Il Profondo with ‘Virtuoso Violin Consort’.

Symbol of Italian vocal music
It seems that most of Giacomo Carissimi’s original work disappeared together with the demise of his patrons. Fortunately, Carissimi was one of the most copied composers, and his music was known in much of Europe.
In this way. he became the symbol of Italian vocal music. Charpentier, Baudrexel, Bernhardt and Förster studied with Carissimi and spoke highly of him.
The concert ends with Jephte, Carissimi’s famous oratorio. Every note of this oratorio is a rhetorical gesture.
Ensemble Correspondances is led by Sébastien Daucé, a specialist in 17th-century music.

Eva Saladin
(foto: © Susanna Drescher 2020

Violin consort

In our other recording Il Profondo, an ensemble led by violinist Eva Saladin, plays 17th century music for violin consort. A violin consort is an ensemble of various instruments from the violin family. In the 16th century, several consort types were introduced, each of which had its own function. The violin consort was used for dance music.
In Germany and Austria, the violin consort was still very popular in the 17th century. Under the influence of famous violinists such as Biber and Schmelzer, an extensive repertoire of virtuoso instrumental music was written for different combinations of instruments.
The possibilities for a flexible string ensemble are endless.

This concert features music by Biber, his pupil Weichlein, Valentini, Bertali and Pandolfi Mealli.




On the photo: Ensemble Correspondances