Concertzender Live – Les Basses Reunies and Cantor in Leipzig

wed 13 apr 2016
Theme: Early Music

On Thursday 14th April in Concertzender Live (20.00-22.00 ) you can hear 2 recordings: Les Basses Réunies during the Early Music Festival 2015 and Cantor in Leipzig from the Hollands Vocaal Ensemble conducted by Fokko Oldenhuis.

Humes Love for the Lyra-Viol

The French ensemble Les Basses Réunies plays works by Tobias Hume and John Bull in the concert ‘Humes Love for the Lyra-Viol’. Tobias Hume was as amateur musician in the forefront of the 17th century gamba repertoire.
The ensemble comprises: Guido Balestracci – lyra viol, Bruno Cocset – descant gamba and lyra viol, Richard Myron – consortbas en Bertrand Cuiller – harpischord.  The instruments used in this concert were built by Charles Riché.
Les Basses Réunies are 20 years old this year, 2016, and are raising money for their new Celtic music project via a crowd funding campaign .

Application process
The concert ‘Cantor in Leipzig‘ was recorded in the Dominicus Church in Amsterdam on 3rd June 2012.

The Hollands Vocaal Ensemble and The Northern Consort conducted by Fokko Oldenhuis reconstructed an application period in Leipzig in 1722 in which J.S. Bach took part. In this concert they perform cantatas by the three candidates: Telemann, Graupner and Johann Sebastian Bach.
Soliosts are: Marjon Strijk, soprano. Dave ten Kate, alto. Daniel van Kessel, tenor and Robert Muuse, baritone.


  • Thursday 14th April 2016, 20.00 – 22.00
  • Friday 22nd April 2016, 15.00 – 17.00

Here is the play list in the programme guide.