Dr. Klangendum / WORM producties

sat 4 dec 2021
Theme: Crosslinks

In December we are broadcasting some of our own Dr. Klangendum/WORM productions.

At the end of November, Dr. Klangendum had already started broadcasting its own productions, some of which have been produced in collaboration with WORM in Rotterdam. On Sunday 28 November, Jacco Weener took centre stage and on Sunday 5 December it is the turn of the American sound artist Claire Rousay. We will then be broadcasting her work ‘sometimes I feel like I have no friends’ that was composed in WORM.

Claire Rousay creates sound works that are based on her personal sound experiences and sound environment. In particular, she is inspired by how those environmental sounds affect her emotionally. The sound palette that she uses to create her compositions consists of field recordings ranging from conversations to everyday environmental sounds. She also adds minimal percussive electro-acoustic rhythm patterns to enrich these sounds.

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