Early Music Night with Maria Lamentations

wed 1 apr 2015
Theme: Early Music

During the night of 26th and 27th March (01.00-07.00 ) the Night will be devoted to times of suffering, with lamentations by Maria and Meditations from the Middle Ages which come close to modern and world music.


Bordesholmer Maria Lamentations

During this night the central feature will be a medieval German Passion play, a kind of forerunner of the Bach Passions. They are the “Bordesholmer Maria Lamentations”, which comprise a religious drama originating in the monastery of Bordesholm in Holstein, Germany.

This drama was written in the 15th century by the provost Johannes Reborch, and is unique in that the stage directions are in Latin.

The “Bordesholmer Maria Lamentations” consist of spoken recitatives and songs in Latin and Low German and describes the laments and tears of Maria about the death of her son Jesus.
On Good Friday 1992 this drama was staged in Cologne and a year later broadcast on TV and recorded on CD by the ensemble Sequentia, then directed by Benjamin Bagby en Barbara Thornton.

You can also hear musical meditations by Christophe Deslignes, Dialogos, Hirundo Maris (with Arianna Savall), Jordi Savall and Ergodos Musicians.



  • Friday 27th March 2015, 01.00 – 07.00
  • Friday 3rd April 2015, 01.00 – 07.00


Short playlist:
I. Bordesholmer Maria Lamentations, part 1 – Sequentia
II. Organetto Méditations – Christophe Deslignes
III. Terra Adriatica – Dialogos
IV. Excerpts from Jérusalem, Hespèrion XXI conducted by Jordi Savall
V. Bordesholmer Maria Lamentations, part 2 – Sequentia
VI. Organetto Polyphonies – Christophe Deslignes
VII. Vox Cosmica – Hirundo Maris
VIII. All the Ends of the Earth – Ergodos Musicians


See the complete playlist here in the programme information.