Early Venetian music

wed 21 jun 2017
Theme: Early Music

In Concertzender Live on Thursday 22nd June at 20.00 we’re broadcasting two concert recordings from the Early Music Festival 2016. Early Venetian music: Le Banquet Céleste with solo motets by Vivaldi and Il Suonar Parlante with Venetian consort music.

Le Banquet Céleste with the French counter tenor Damien Guillon play three solo motets for alto voice by Antonio Vivaldi, including the Stabat Mater and the Nisi Dominus.
The Stabat mater was a composition commission which Vivaldi in 1712 wrote for the Ospedale della Pietà. The Nisi Dominus is one of Vivaldi’s most ambitious motets for solo voice. It has nine parts and uses a viola d’amore, a favourite instrument of Vivaldi’s.
Vivaldi wrote Filiae maestae Jerusalem as introduction to the Miserere intended for Passion Week.
These motets wil be accompanied by a concerto for strings.

The Italian gamba consort Il Suonar Parlante of gamba player Vittorio Ghielmi played a concert of Venetian 16th and 17th century instrumental music for consort. Toccata’s, canzona’s and sonatas by the brothers Gabrieli, Guami, Negri, Legrenzi and Castello and miniatures by Angelo Notari were played by the gamba consort .
They also played the Intavolato which Claudio Monteverdi notated in tabula for lute and harp; probably intended as a hit parade of his own opera fragments.



  • Thursday 22nd June 2017, 20.00 – 22.00
  • Friday 30th June 2017, 15.00 – 17.00


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