Editorial: Setting the Tone and Pleasing your Ears

tue 1 dec 2020

Mizéere. … Say what? You will probably expect us at the Concertzender to bring you a Miserere. But, if you listen to the Old Year’s speech of 1931 that Ferdinand Wittenberg used as a fragment in a very special episode of his Terra Incognita, in itself a special delight, you’ll notice: Misere has never sounded so beautiful. What a great way to leave 2020 behind. Extra special: the Old Year’s Episode of de Concertzender is available without fireworks this time! On the last days of December, we will shoot up all sorts of nice things in the ether. Such as Luc Nijs, who is starting his series Aurora Borealis, about Scandinavian and Baltic music, including the captivating composer of the month, and with – as he calls it – Viking’s dimension; something to look forward to! Our captivating composer of the month is Theo Loevendie – still going strong. And again, Luc Nijs will bring together people and music in his new docudrama ‘The self-willed like Prokofiev’. ‘An ox on the roof’ is about American composers and for the diehard puzzle lovers among you, our contest has returned! Join us and listen, it might be good for your misère as well. See you next year!