Electronic Cottage

wed 9 jan 2019

On Thursday 10th January Pakrammel starts the series Electronic Cottage.

Electronic Cottage is an international platform and magazine for alternative sound and mail art. But Electronic Cottage is also a ‘community’, in which we all can share. So Electronic Cottage is going back to the ‘first DIY movement’ and the FLUXUS related philosophy; art is everywhere and there are no boundaries between pictorial art and music. That’s where the mail-art phenoment came from. Together with the development of the music cassette in the 70’s and 80’s that resulted in a thriving audio-mail-art culture. Electronic Cottage records and at the same time is just as dynamic as 30/40 years ago, by giving contemporary artists a podium for their embryonic ‘art in progress’.

Click here for programme information about the first Electronic Cottage episode on Thursday 10th January at 23:00 .

Episode two will be broadcast on Thursday 31st January, episode three on Thursday 14th February.

Click here for the website for Electronic Cottage with lots of information, music and visual art. And go to the ‘contributor’ pages of among others Dylan Houser, Leslie Singer, Lumen K., Michael Ridge, Lord Litter, Thomas Park, Chris Phinney, Ken Montgomery, Jerry Kranitz, Walls Of Genius, Crank Sturgeon, Al Margolis, Harold Schellinx, EC-editor Hal McGee and Don Campau.


ELECTRONIC COTTAGE is an international community where independent artists, musicians, writers and freethinkers can meet and share ideas, sounds, visual art, photos, zines, videos, reviews, news and info, opinions, tech and gear articles, and much more, all in the spirit of two-way communication.
EC draws inspiration from the Cassette Culture Revolution of the 1980s, 90s and beyond; Mail Art, Small Press and Zines, Dada, Fluxus, Punk Rock, Hacking, Circuit Bending, Anarchy, and Noise.
EC values inclusion, democracy, experimentation, independence and freedom of thought and expression, open-minded exchange, and Community.

Editor’s Note: BIRTHDAYS. Dear friends, the EC Community is based on sharing sounds, images, and thoughts and ideas. EC is based on a kind of gift economy: we can think of it as a miniature gift-based society. If you would like to share your birthday with the EC Community (and it is okay if you do not!), please contact me via email, and when your birthday occurs I will announce your special day to the EC Community.