Goldberg Week in Bach ad Infinitum

mon 17 sep 2018

From Monday 17th September to Friday 21st September we’re broadcasting a Goldberg Week in Bach ad Infinitum (episodes 601 to 605). On Monday we’re starting with pianist Geoffrey Madge’s own recording of the Goldberg variations .

On 9th April 2017 pianist Geoffrey Madge played the Goldberg variations in theater KORZO in Den Haag.
He commentsr:
‘Just as with other masterpieces I experience this piece very intensely from inside during the performance. The Goldberg is so compact, the intensity of some variations so enormous that it seems as though time stands still, and sometimes this intensity expresses itself in movement.’
‘I don’t think a harpsichord player can realise what a great work Goldberg is. It is still today as though Bach wrote it yesterday.’

Later in the Goldberg Week you can hear performances of the Goldberg variations by Mahan Esfahani, Accademia Amsterdam, Glenn Gould and Seldome Sene. You can also hear a cantata by Johann Gottlieb Goldberg ( see picture).


Here’s the playlist for episode 601, on Monday 17th September at 13.00 .