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Graindelavoix and Le Nuove Musiche Live

wed 22 mar 2017
Theme: Early Music

In Concertzender Live on Thursday 23rd March two concert recordings of Early Music: Graindelavoix with Een Cypriotische Vesper during the Early Music Festival  2016 and Le Nuove Musiche in De Toonzaal.

Cypriotische Vesper
For the concert Een Cypriotische Vesper Graindelavoix leader Björn Schmelzer reconstructed a 15th century vesper on the basis of the Cypriot manuscript ‘Torino J.II.9’ and Greek-Byzantine songs.
Before Cyprus came into Venetian hands in the 15th century, kings from a French dynasty Lusignan reigned. French composers followed them to the island and left their compositions behind .

On Tuesday 30th August 2016 Graindelavoix gave this concert in a full Utrecht Domkerk, during the Early Music Festival. For many visitors this was the highlight of the festival. Fortunately the Concertzender was there!

Monteverdi and Purcell
The other concert took place on 19th November 2016 in De Toonzaal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Le Nuove Musiche presented the production De Strijd om de Eer in two parts with two great composers from the 17th century: Claudio Monteverdi and Henry Purcell.
This division is both audible and visible. Surprising twists, an exciting story, rouse interest and give the music an extra dimension . That the texts are all about love, loss, beauty, pain and desire makes it all very understandable.


  • Thursday 23rd March 2017, 20.00 – 22.00
  • Friday 31st March 2017, 15.00 – 17.00

Here is the playlist in the programme guide.