Hank Mobley & Freddie Hubbard continued

tue 16 mar 2021
Theme: Jazz

Saturday 20th March – 17:00 House of Hard Bop
You’ll hear the brass among others on Undercurrent (1960), an album by pianist Kenny Drew.

Last month, on 20th February 2021, bopdrummer and programme maker Eric Ineke focussed on Hank Mobley (tenor) and Freddie Hubbard (trumpet). Today you’ll hear the second and last part of this combination, with among others music from the album Undercurrent (1960) by pianist Kenny Drew. Not long after this recording Drew moved to Copenhagen. Drew, looking back on his move to the Old World: “Living in Copenhagen, and travelling out from there, I have probably worked in more different contexts than if I had stayed in New York where I might have got musically locked in with a set-group of musicians. This way, I have been able to keep my musical antennas in shape, while at the same time I have had more time to study and also get deeper into my own endeavors.”

In Europe and elsewhere Drew made numerous recordings, but Undercurrent remains the highlight. As well as brass players Mobley and Hubbard, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Louis Hayes take part. First class Hard Bop!

In addition you’ll hear music from van Hank Mobleys Straight No Filter (1963-1966).

House of Hard Bop – a programme by Eric Ineke