In Memoriam Erik Beijer

thu 6 apr 2017
Theme: Early Music

On Thursday 6th April at 19.00 you can hear In Memoriam Erik Beijer , the gamba player of Camerata Trajectina.

On 1st March Erik Beijer (1959-2017) passed away, gamba player, percussionist and business leader of Camerata Trajectina.

During this hour recordings of Erik Beijer on viola da gamba, viola, violone and drum. Camerata Trajectina is of course well represented, also Erik on gamba in ‘t Uitnement Kabinet with gamba player Johannes Boer.

We’ll shortly be broadcasting recordings Erik Beijer made with the Egidius Kwartet.


  •  Thursday 6th April 2017, 19.00 – 20.00


In Memoriam Erik Beijer