Listen to Concertzender concert recordings

thu 26 nov 2020
Theme: Early Music | General

The cultural legacy of the Concertzender.

Every year the Concertzender ( outside corona restrictions ) records about two hundred concerts, usually music that is nowhere else to be heard than on the Concertzender . Over the years that has created an archive of about 7000 unique recordings. They are part of the cultural heritage of the Concertzender which must never be lost.

The most common question from listeners is “When will it be broadcast?”, so in 2018 we started the section Concertopnamen,. In this section we announced which concerts would be recorded, how you could get tickets for them and when their broadcast date would be announced.

This message is regularly updated. We would like to draw your attention to Ensemble Hermes and Capella Pratensis which will be broadcast on 27 november 2020 .


Auteur: Theo van Soest