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Looking forward to the Early Music Festival 2018

tue 19 jun 2018
Theme: Early Music

On Monday 18thj June in Documento you can hear the third part of a four part series looking forward to the Early Music Festival, which will be held at the end of August and beginning of September 2018 in Utrecht.

The theme of the Festival is The Burgundian Lifestyle. In this series we’re playing music from composers who were part of the Burgundian court or close to it. Main figure in this part is Guillaume du Fay / Dufay.

You can hear among others Ensemble Leones led by Marc Lewon, Orlando Consort, Diabolus in Musica led by Antoine Guerber, Ulsamer Collegium and Les Jardins de Courtoisie led by Anne Delafosse-Quentin.

Monday 18th June 2018, 19.00 – 20.00

Here is the playlist.


Picture: Guillaume Dufay and Gilles Binchois