Mountains, Forests, Fjords….

thu 11 nov 2021
Theme: Jazz

Saturday 13th Nov, 14:00 – Concertzender Live. Listen to the landscape of the Frozen North, or listen without the landscape.

‘Mudita’ (photo) is the name of the trio of vocalist Sanne Rambags, with Koen Smits on trumpet and Sjoerd van Eijck on piano. Mudita is a Buddhist concept and means roughly speaking compassion, sympathetic pleasure. “Compositions about seeking, longing and loss with nature as the most important source of inspiration.” That’s how Rambags describes the music on the album “Listen To The Sound Of The Forest” (2018).

An unusual trio lineup of voice, piano and trumpet, which could describe their music too . Vocalist Rambags hums and sings, with or without words. The trumpet plays mostly in the middle and low registers. De texture is transparent, tempi are mostly slow to medium and the sound rarely rises above mezzoforte. Peaceful, meditative atmosphere dominates. Just so you know – no swinging jazz. But music for the right listener at the right moment, so maybe for you, even without being able to enjoy the landscapes.

You’ll hear a live performance of pieces from the album.

Also in Concertzender Live: the Ben van Gelder Sextet and the Sun-Mi Hong Quintet. Go to the Gids for the full programme.

Concertzender Live – a programme by Jaap van de Klomp