Panorama De Leeuw

mon 4 feb 2019

Panorama de Leeuw 50, 6th February 2019: Farewell.

Thea Derks is following the musical trail left by Reinbert de Leeuw on the basis of her biography Reinbert de Leeuw, mens of melodie: Conclusion.

In this 50th episode Thea Derks says farewell to Panorama de Leeuw with music by Sofia Goebaidoelina and Galina Oestvolskaja.  From De Leeuw himself you’ll hear Abschied, the orchestral work with which he apparently but not actually said goodbye to the Romantic and composing. – Just as Derks is also not stopping, but taking on a new challenge.

On 8th September 2018 Reinbert de Leeuw celebrated his 80th birthday, during which he was deluged with praise and honours. Mayor Femke Halsema personally presented him with the Silver Medal of the City of Amsterdam. On top of that he received the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfondsprijs 2018.